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Most of us know what wealth is. Material things are tangible and easy to count. However, there is more than one manner to be wealthy. Come and join your ideas together about the other Bottom Lines.

This is a present life regression, a trance journey, deeper than an ordinary guided meditation. In this session you will have opportunity to come to a better understanding of some of the wounds in your past and to heal them..Bring a pillow a mat of blanket to lie on. You do not have to have experience beforehand.

There are fewer song birds, more violent weather - fewer bees, more shootings - hungry, desperate people trying to find a life - a government bent on creating a nation of wage slaves - a culture based on waste and greed - the list goes on. And what are we, individually and collectively, to do? How are we to participate in this kind of world? How shall we live in this mad, bad, sad world?

How to start taking small steps to reduce the waste that you and your family produce..

The onslaught of negative news stories about the state of our world can be overwhelming. And if you are aware and paying attention and not turning away, you're likely struggling with feelings of anxiety, depression, hopelessness, powerlessness, grief and/or fatalism. This workshop will be an opportunity to share some of those feelings and get them out of your head. Then, let's talk about what can ease those emotions. . No matter what the future brings, you'll need to know that you can go on and help yourself and others to survive and thrive.

Come learn the myriad ways the meat industry contributes to the greenhouse gas problem, exacerbating climate change. Going vegan or just reducing your meat consumption and introducing more plant-based meals into your weekly diet can have a significant impact. We'll explore easy ways to start switching you and your family's focus from meat as your primary source of protein to a more diverse, colorful, and flavorful plant-focused diet.

Microgreens are the first couple leaves to emerge after a seed has sprouted. These tiny plants are powerhouses of nutrition, containing up to 40x more vitamins and minerals than the fully-grown vegetable. They can be grown on your counter year-round and are thus a way to easily get fresh greens even in the wintertime or during the hottest part of the summer. Come learn how to grow microgreens for you and your family. We'll also share some of the ups and downs we've experienced turning our microgreens mini-farming into a business.

Fire basics - How do I take a spark and feed it to make fire? Coffee, cooking, keeping warm - different needs dictate different fire structures.

Efficient fire - less wood, less smoke, quicker coffee. Exploring rocket stove science and some ways to translate that into action using the materials at hand, cans, bricks, and the earth itself.

I have a tarp, how do I translate that into shelter? Includes tarp configurations, knots, lashings.

Why and how to catch the rain, including how much to expect for your region and possibilities for filtration.

Simple infusions of herbal allies for nourishing the body.

Make one or more meals over the fire using handmade utensils and featuring foods familiar to our ancestors! Bring your appetite! We will use several ingenious traditional cooking methods.

Experience the Cordage Museum! Learn to identify and prepare useful fibers from animals and plants. Practice techniques for making fine, strong cordage or rope in 2-ply and 3-ply, by hand and using simple but clever traditional tools.

Using these fun and illuminating exercises, train your senses to alert you to what is happening around you. Spot more wildlife, avoid dangers and seize opportunities outdoors and in.

Singing Together - Therapy for the Soul

For Humans with Skin

Intro to Poi, Flow Arts and Fire Dancing

We explore a deeper relationship to the forces of Nature that inform our cultural codes of conduct in alignment with the Truth and Authenticity in our hearts and Souls... where Spirit lives, moves and has its BEing!

What are we growing,building. co creating?

What we dismantling,dissolving and releasing?

These are the conversations waiting to be had.

Living in the Caul brings our gifts of Divinity into full blown manifestation in 2020. This offering invites participants to acknowledge and embrace their personal birth map, life experiences for clarity in Living Life as a Prayer. Wayshowers, Healers, Dreamers, Transmuters, Unifers, Messengers...all inform the collective and forward progression into The New Earth.

The Medicine Wheel is sometimes called the Sacred Hoop creating an evolutionary blueprint for how we navigate daily choices and decisions. This class includes the teachings of reconnecting the heart to the forces of Nature and the guidance that comes from inner tracking and living our lives based on the four agreements.

Music and Activism

An organized system to start and complete the journey to sustainable homesteading. Answers: should I, can I, and how.

Continues from Homesteading 101. More advanced concepts such as making a living from homesteading.

How to grow $700 worth of produce in a space as small as 10x10 square ft. - how to be a "lazy (but super productive) gardener" a workshop for folks who (think) they have too little room to grow in.

In this workshop, you will learn:

  • TIPS TO MAXIMIZE YOUR YIELD and minimize your labor!

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In this workshop, you will come to know:

In this workshop, you will come to know:

  • a beautiful American seed story
  • Easy seeds to harvest and preserve

In this workshop, you will learn about:

  • Vermicomposting
  • Bokashi Method
  • Hot and Cold Composting

Intentional Community

Ham Radio

Solar Power Basics

Because our school system offered almost no training in talking/listening and conflict resolution, many of us don't realize that we lack these skills. The good news is that they're easy to understand and attain.

We benefit from the work of (1) Marshall Rosenberg, founder of Nonviolent Communication, (2) Dudley Weeks, 3-time Nobel Peace Prize nominee and author of 'The 8 Essential Steps to Conflict Resolution,'and the Harvard Negotiation Project's Douglas Stone, Bruce Patton, and Sheila Heen, co-authors of 'Difficult Conversations.'

This workshop gives us the opportunity to both survey and practice the skills that help us get along better with both ourselves and other people. And have fun while doing it.